Roundup: Tina Fey Jokes About Nip Slip, Man Grows Nose on Forehead, Jay Bilas Likes Johnny Football

lizzyLizzy Caplan … is in GQ … Metro-North has a power outage that is going to make some people miserable … Hoarders was canceled … Breaking Bad with an inappropriate laugh track … Popular Science is shutting down its comments … two people shot near mallLorne Michaels and Tina Fey together again … and she promoted the show by joking about her Emmy nip slip … how many people pay for digital news ? … T-Mobile drops Blackberry … doctors grew a man his new nose on his forehead … this woman is making 300 sandwiches … man arrested for the 10th time in 2 years …. massage therapist offers happy endings to women … Ted Cruz talked for 21 hours …  the saddest spot in Manhattan?

Paul Oliver, a former San Diego Charger, committed suicide at 29.  [U-T San Diego]

High school football coach suspends team for bullying. [RYOT]

Minnesota coach Jerry Kill deserves a chance to do his job. [LA Times]

Team USA won the America’s Cup. [New York Times]

Gators defensive tackle Dominique Easley done for the season. [Palm Beach Post]

Death Valley is the loudest home environment in college football. [SI]

Behind the scenes with Ohio State football. [Sports Illustrated]

Larry Bird’s house for sale for $4.8 million. [Sports Crackle Pop]

Remember when Blake Griffin made a hype video for Jordan Cameron? [Black Sports Online]

A letter to a video game character. That video game is Grant Theft Auto V. That website is obviously [Grantland]

Jay Bilas tried to buy a table to sit next to Johnny Manziel. [Hardwood Hustle]

8th grader throws up twice and still makes the game-saving tackle. [Bob’s Blitz]

Just a bunch of slaves dying while building Qatar’s World Cup stadium. [Guardian]


Here is a NSFW music video from the Black Spiders. The video features scantily clad women playing tennis poorly.

Since it is Throwback Thursday, how does it make you feel to know this song is 6 years old?

There is a new episode of The IT Crowd that will be on Channel 4 tomorrow. I must get to England now.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon did a sketch about how annoying hashtags are. Is it ironic that this is the most annoying, unfunny thing either of them have been involved in? (Non-movie division.)

This girl wore an Arsenal shirt at White Hart Lane and became internet famous.

Derrick Rose doing a basketball thing at the United Center. Not sure if this is new or not so I’ll assume it’s old because, again, Derrick Rose doing a basketball thing.

Frat bro gives epic speech. Set to the music from Any Given Sunday. [Deadspin]

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