Roundup: Mariano Rivera in Center Field?; Huge Sinkhole in Louisiana; Man Arrested for Hacking Miss Teen USA's Webcam

BET Honors 2013: Red Carpet Presented By PanteneHalle Berry … 19-year-old computer science student hacked into women’s webcams, including Miss Teen USA’s, and tried to blackmail them. He was arrested Thursday…. Bud Selig announces his retirement, again. … EA won’t publish any college football video game in 2014. … Browns streaker sentenced to 40 hours of cleaning up after tailgaters. … Barilla pasta in some hot water after owner’s bigoted remarks. … And in Spain, a nation completes a time change. … Hornet stings responsible for 19 deaths in China. … Very sad story about a Boston couple…. Knicks shake up their front office. … Newark mayor Corey Booker does some e-flirting with a woman the NY Post dubbed a “raunchy stripper” (who is also a vegan!!!) … An all-Plinko Price is Right airs today. (Cliffhanger is way better.) … Any single ladies in Austin? This guy seems charming. … Firefighters and kittens. … It’s not like in cartoons. … Paul Scheer’s take on Breaking Bad via Buzzfeed hits the mark. … New hundred dollar bills, y’all. … The 76ers will get in shape or ship out. … Happy Birthday Meat Loaf (66); Gwyenth Paltrow (41); Francesco Totti (37); Avril Lavigne (29). … This picture is what Friday’s are supposed to be about, brother.

Romantic Comedies of the “meet cute” variety have passed away. Pour one out for “Maid in Manhattan.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Scott Fujita is trying to help increase awareness of childhood cancer . [Fox Sports]

Mariano Rivera will probably play center during Yankees’ final series this weekend. (Best part of Rivera retirement week, aside from James Hetfield’s neck tat.) [USA Today]

Russia’s super-terrific flesh-eating drug, Krokodil, hits America. U-S-A! (Warning: gross.) [NY Post]

The NBA is prone to Twitter missteps from its players. [Rolling Stone]

The best names in college hoops this year. (Long live Scientific Mapp!)  [Sporting News]

The NFL is perfect for short attention spans. [Kansas City.com]

Is tennis the next sport with a major doping problem? [Bloomberg]

Australia’s wheelchair-bound Superman is awesome. [HyperVocal]

John Skipper not worried about cable “de-bundling.” [Sports Business Daily]

Evolution of Barry Zito, off the field. [Sports On Earth]

Oh right, ‘Homeland’ is back on Sunday. Sup, Chris Brody. Catch up with the producer. [Vulture]

An argument why fighting needs to go in hockey. [Backhand Shelf]

Via Hot Clicks, Hunter Pence’s instructional video is a must for young kids. [Extra Mustard]

Traditional or trendy bowling alleys? [700 Level]

The best of “Intentional Talk.” Baseball players are better dancers than singers.

Obligatory ‘Breaking Bad’ montage type thing. Spoilers. Warnings. Etc.

24-acre sinkhole in Louisiana. More pictures here.

Can we talk about Jenny McCarthy’s e-cig commercial? Sheesh.

Eastbound & Down is back Sunday night. That monthly premium cable bill pays for itself, baby!

This goof is over a year old, but Wilford Brimely is 79 years young today. Let’s all celebrate appropriately.

Teenage Fanclub + De La Soul.

Because you want to see it first!

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