Roundup: Breaking Bad Finale Reaction, Drake is a Consultant for the Toronto Raptors & Vince Wilfolk Has a Torn Achilles

naya-rivera=glee actressNaya Rivera … why Albuquerque will really miss Breaking Bad … everyone is going to be slurping the Breaking Bad finale today … the most popular Florida Atlantic cheerleaderTwitter IPO to be made public this week? … here’s a lengthy profile on Darren Rovell … hey, another Breaking Bad recap! … Conde Nast Traveler sheds half its staff … do hot hands exist in basketball? … “N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens” … the cameras love Joanna Krupa … Seymour Hersh has some thoughts on politics and journalism … this story is so awful I can’t even put the words from it into a sentence … a marvelously succinct police report

According to this site, TV ratings on Fox Sports 1 were down year-over-year against the Speed Channel for a week in September. [Son of Bronx]

Things between Greg Schiano and his 3rd string QB, Josh Freeman, have gotten ugly. [Tampa Bay Times]

The college football coach who was a meth dealer, and is now coaching again. [ESPN]

Drake is now a consultant for the Toronto Raptors, who are undergoing a makeover. [The Star]

Vince Wilfork suffered a torn achilles last night in Atlanta, and his season is probably over. [Boston Globe]

Oh, New England won in Atlanta, 30-23, but you missed it because you were watching Breaking Bad. Atlanta is 1-3. [AJC]

It keeps getting worse for the Knicks: Amare Stoudemire had knee surgery in July. It’s his third operation in 12 months. [NYDN]

RIP, LC Greenwood. [Post Gazette]

The Houston Astros finished 51-111, setting a franchise record for losses. They lost 15 games in a row to end the season. Their batters set a MLB record with 1,525 strikesouts. [Chronicle]

Why do so many people like to push the idea of Chip Kelly being a candidate for the USC job? [NFL.com]

No surprise: One outlet has Andrew Wiggins as the Preseason College Basketball Player of the Year. [CBS Sports]

No idea what started this, but a group of motorcyclists surrounded this Range Rover on the highway in NYC. The Range Rover than drove over a biker, reportedly killing him. About six minutes later, cyclists surrounded the vehicle, smashed a window and then it is unclear what happened to the driver. [via Adam]

Bonus points, Tom Izzo.

As far as free kicks go, this one is perfection.

What would compel someone to attempt this? I wonder what childhood was like for Jeb Corliss.

Because you want to see it first!

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