Terrell Suggs Thinks Roger Goodell "Had a Hand" in Super Bowl Blackout

Terrell Suggs, for reasons probably only known to him, is still mad about the Super Bowl power outage in February. Even though the Ravens beat the 49ers, 34-31, the linebacker still appears to be upset about the lights going out in the Super Dome and he thinks he knows who was behind it.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

In an interview with Lisa Salters on E:60 which airs Tuesday night, Suggs suggests the commish “had a hand” in turning out the lights. From the Baltimore Sun:

Suggs: “I was like Vegas, parlor tricks, you know what I mean?  I was like, ahh, Roger Goodell, he never stops, he always has something up his sleeve. He just couldn’t let us have this one in a landslide huh?”

Salters: “So you think Roger Goodell had turned the lights out?”

Suggs: “I thought he had a hand in it. Most definitely, he had a hand in it.

Suggs also thought it was fishy Goodell was chit-chatting with Broncos team president John Elway prior to their playoff game with the Ravens.

Of all the things to accuse Goodell of, rigging the lights to go out so the Ravens wouldn’t run away with the Super Bowl seems pretty flimsy. Perhaps Suggs and all his fellow players ought to spend more time worrying about how Josh Freeman’s confidentiality breach on Monday.

Didn’t the Ravens win the game? Why would Suggs be hung up on this?

And what’s with linebackers and conspiracy theories? Didn’t former Steeeler James Harrison snub his White House invite under the premise President Obama wouldn’t have invited them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had they lost?

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