Marcellus Wiley Started Acting Weird When Sirens Interrupted SportsNation

Marcellus Wiley sure was acting odd Tuesday when sirens interrupted SportsNation. He’s jumpy and fidgety and struggles to compose himself. The former defensive end is clearly rattled that sirens are going off all around him.

Why can you hear sirens inside a television studio in Bristol Los Angeles? No one knows. Especially Wiley, who asked Max Kellerman what they should do. Wiley acted distracted, put his hands behind his back, and tried to get Kellerman to end the segment and pretended to hide under the desk. All in all, a strange 90-seconds from the set of SportsNation. I wonder if Michelle Beadle would have acted any differently.

Update: The sirens were a building-wide fire alarm. Hopefully, the floor fire marshal gave Kellerman a stern talking-to about the importance of immediately exiting when the alarm goes off.

[H/T @BigCRitter17]

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