Wil Myers and TBS Had Some Trouble Judging David Ortiz's Fly Ball to Right

David Ortiz skied this ball off Matt Moore to right-center at Fenway Park in the fourth inning of Friday’s ALDS Game 1 against Tampa.

Was it a homer?

Nope. Turns out both Rays’ rightfielder and the TBS cameras were completely lost on the ball, which landed at the base of the wall and skipped over for a ground rule double. Who knew John Sterling was working this postseason?

Myers is now being serenaded with chants of his name. Meanwhile TBS will get the abuse via the know-it-alls on Twitter.

The Red Sox have batted arond and taken a 5-2 lead thanks in part to Myers’ misplay.

The alternative angle, as captured by @cjzero helps out TBS, Myers less so.


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