David Price Called the TBS Guys "Nerds" After Giving Up Seven Runs in Tampa's Loss to the Red Sox

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David Price gave up two home runs to David Ortiz, and seven runs total in the 7-4 loss by Tampa against the Red Sox yesterday. He was not happy with criticism he received from two of the TBS studio analysts.

He called out Dirk Hayhurst because he “couldn’t hack it” (Hayhurst pitched in 25 games in the major leagues, mostly as a reliever). Verducci, meanwhile, played the role of Adam Sandler, but couldn’t even deliver high quality H2O according to Price. Verducci, according to Dave Hogg, was a baseball and football star at Seton Hall Prep, and was a walk-on at Penn State. Not that any of that matters in being able to provide commentary on a sport. Also, kind of awkward that Price’s manager (well, for at least a few more games) is probably the biggest “nerd” who didn’t play the sport, but is one of the most successful managers in the game.

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