Former Kansas City Chief Larry Johnson is Now a DJ at Miami Strip Club, Obviously


In your latest stirring edition of “where are they now,” former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has reportedly been spending his time as a guest DJ for a Miami strip club called Tootsie’s Cabaret. Dare to dream.

The last time we heard from Johnson he had been arrested for allegedly choking an ex-girlfriend in Las Vegas and leaving her unconscious in a hallway, apparently in her underwear no less. Such a charming personality feels like a natural fit for a strip club and the perfect place for the former NFL star and lethal lyricist to be spending his free time. A happy ending is expected.

The esteemed Tootsie’s also happens to be where Aaron Hernandez hung out the night he allegedly shot his friend Alex Bradley in the face.

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[via KansasCity.com, TMZ]

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