Jacksonville Jaguars Are Not Interested in Hearing How Little They've Scored

The official Twitter account for the Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t take too kindly to the Denver Broncos pointing out that the 51 points they put up in Sunday’s thrilling win against the Cowboys matched Jacksonville’s output for the season. Sad, somewhat shocking, and downright funny in its sheer ineptitude, but still true nonetheless.


As one Twitter user pointed out, we’re pretty much at the point where every significant Jaguars stat this season could be perceived as a “shot” at the Jags. Aside from free beer, the team’s official cheerleader video and one enormous TV, positive stories about this team have been difficult to unearth. And what’s actually taken place on the field has basically resembled a Tecmo Bowl sack on a continuous loop. So we either treat the Jacksonville Jaguars like Fight Club and DO NOT DISCUSS THE JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS, or we implore them to cease being so sensitive and turn that frown upside down, like this exemplary fellow.

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars

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