Blind Man Scores Penalty Kick in Swedish Soccer Game

Swedish sixth division soccer isn’t exactly a go-to place for highlights, and on the surface, this rather routine-looking penalty kick between Ulvsby IF and Backhammar is nothing special. But this particular penalty kick is notable since the taker, Andreas Engstrom, is down to one-percent eyesight due to Leber’s disease.

It’s a pretty cool story for everybody but the Backhammar keeper, who didn’t know Engstrom was blind when he lined up to take the kick.

Engstrom’s strategy for taking the penalty?

“I got really nervous. One of the guys put the ball on the penalty spot but I went up and touched the ball to know exactly where it was. I could, somewhere, see a little bit of the posts and I aimed for the right post. The feeling was that I missed and that it went straight on, but then I heard the lads cheer.”

Good story. Perhaps the England National Team should try to sign him since it could always use another penalty kick taker.

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