League of Denial Documentary About NFL and Concussions Debuts Tonight

Image (1) goodell.jpg for post 75054League of Denial, the project that got even more exposure last month when ESPN pulled out of the partnership, airs tonight on PBS at 9 Eastern Time. We know that it will go in detail on the role the league played in denying the concussion link for two decades. Much of the information will not be new. Those that paid attention know about many of the details with the MBTI committee and the role the NFL played in minimizing brain injuries until recent years.

That said, television is a more powerful medium than reading and will read a wider audience. How much, though? There are a segment of fans who will not care, and others who will not want to hear it. ESPN is officially out, though the reporters (Fainaru and Fainaru-Wada) are still involved. It will likely contain some uncomfortable things for the NFL, and then we will move on to Thursday Night Football.

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Because you want to see it first!

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