Vin Scully Called Don Larsen's Perfect Game 57 Years Ago Today, Remains a Baseball Treasure

Vin Scully is the best, but you already knew that, didn’t you? MLB dug up this rare clip of Scully broadcasting Don Larsen’s perfect game for the Yankees against the Dodgers from the 1956 World Series, which occurred 57 years ago today.

In the clip a then 28-year-old Scully coolly reads a promos for the pocket edition of the Encyclopedia of Baseball. 

Two quick thoughts to consider.

First, it’s been talked about in the past but somebody at MLB or FOX needs to figure out a way for Scully to be involved in the World Series. Sure there’s been online petitions and Scully himself said he doesn’t want to go back into the spotlight.

You can see Scully’s point, he doesn’t want to overshadow the game itself. Having him pop into the booth to call an inning would feel gimmick-y so we ought to respect his wishes. A lot of broadcasters like nothing more than the spotlight on them, we should applaud Scully for not wanting to be the center of attention. Even so, it would be a treat for him to call a full broadcast whether or not the Dodgers make the Series.

Also, the Encyclopedia of Baseball would make for a fun read in 2013. I’m sure the charts on WAR and wRC+ would be fascinating.

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