Geoff Cameron is a Good Bowler, Rolls Strike Through His Legs

Geoff Cameron between the legs bowling strike

The U.S. National Team is preparing to play Jamaica in a World Cup qualifier Friday night at Kansas City’s Sporting Park. Part of those preparations included a team bowling trip.

Geoff Cameron the defender (and occasional midfielder) appears to be the best roller in the bunch. This conclusion is based entirely on his ability to pick up a strike rolling the ball through his legs. Fortunately his toe didn’t go over the line, which if “The Big Lebowski” has taught me anything, is a big no no on the lanes.

Here’s the full clip of the U.S. players goofing around at the alley. The team has already qualified for next summer’s World Cup in Brazil, so tomorrow night’s game doesn’t have the highest stakes of all-time, hence the levity on the lanes.

Cameron, who players for Stoke City in the Premier League, recently scored his first goal for the club in a game against Arsenal.

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