Adam Jones Stands By Embarrassing Fan Cave Video, Keith Olbermann Mispronounces Gif

Before the season, Adam Jones and Miguel Cabrera visited the MLB Fan Cave and participated in a ridiculous parody of Rihanna’s Diamonds. You can watch the entire thing below, but if you’re allergic to horrible musical parody, I’ll just tell you that it involves a snorkel, lip syncing and CGI diamonds. Anyway, Jones was on TBS last night for playoff coverage and they played a clip from the video.

While Olbermann and the rest of the crew tried to make jokes, Jones laughed and stood by his decision, pointing out it was the kind of thing that baseball players do for their fans. Then, to further prove what a good person Jones was, he did not call out Olbermann when he pronounced gif with a soft G.

Here’s your Keith Olbermann headdesk gif:

Keith Olbermann banging his head on the TBS desk because CRM thinks GIF is pronounced with a hard G

Because you want to see it first!

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