Adrian Peterson Missed Practice, is in South Dakota Due to "Serious Medical Issue" Involving a Family Member [UPDATE]

adrian peterson nine yards short

Adrian Peterson missed practice Thursday for what was described as “personal reasons.” He was then spotted in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where a restaurant owner confirmed that he had a turkey sandwich at her place. Unfortunately, this sounds like it could be a really bad situation that Adrian Peterson is dealing with.

Stu Whitney, sports editor with the Argus Leader, says that Peterson is in town because of a “serious medical issue” involving a family member. He later added that it involved a young family member, and that it “will likely be a police matter.”

[UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Peterson’s 2-year old son was “allegedly severely beaten” and suffered “severe head injuries” and is in critical condition in the hospital.]

Pro Football Talk has said that multiple tipsters suggested a connection between a child abuse investigation in Sioux Falls. This is the main story for the Argus Leader today, originally posted last night, a few hours after Whitney tweeted that. A 2-year old is in critical condition, and a 27-year old man is being held on aggravated assault and aggravated battery of a child. The incident happened Wednesday evening, and the man is described as being in a “fairly new relationship” with the child’s mother.

Adrian Peterson has already been involved in a lot of tragedy in his life. Let’s hope and pray that this is not what it sounds like.

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