I Can't Stop Laughing at this Chris Broussard Exchange on Twitter

Does Chris Broussard have Brandon Jacobs on his fantasy team? Maybe. At any rate, some clown jumped in with this juvenile response:

Lame. Broussard has over 730,000 twitter followers – he probably gets dozens of these daily. I assume he ignores 99.9 percent of them. But for whatever reason, Broussard was feeling feisty, and replied:

For reasons I can’t quite explain, I couldn’t stop laughing at this when I first saw it. “Come see me” is a fantastic retort; tossing in “chump” is just flat out disrespectful. I tried to picture the religious, super-friendly [Ed. We met a few times many years ago covering pro basketball] Broussard typing that response. I laughed some more.

But of course, the hater “wins” – if you feel so compelled, check that jabroni’s timeline: He spent the next couple hours taking a victory lap. Chris Broussard replied to me! Oh noooooo, people are lighting up my mentions! I’m internet famous for a night!

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