Chris Kaman Hurt His Finger Tobogganing at the Great Wall of China

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Chris Kaman is a unique dude. You can’t expect him to injure his finger shutting a car door or moving a credenza or in any other normal way. No, when Kaman hurts his digits, it’s because he’s living life to the fullest, riding a toboggan at the Great Wall of China.

One of his fingers was squashed while he was sledding down a slippery concrete track after trekking along the wall for two hours Sunday with Lakers teammates and staffers.

His sled, essentially a wheeled cart with a brake, was rammed from behind by teammate Shawne Williams. Kaman instinctively put out his hand as he saw Williams careening toward him and, well, ouch.

Kaman said he lost feeling in his finger for an hour, which is always a sure sign one’s having a good time. He expects to play in Tuesday’s exhibition game against Golden State.

[Los Angeles Times]

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