Jack Clark Tells Albert Pujols To Take a Lie Detector Test

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Jack Clark, the former St. Louis slugger who is being sued by another former St. Louis star, Albert Pujols, over steroids allegations, is taking a surprising, defiant stance: He’s telling Pujols to take a lie detector test. This, I did not expect:

Jack Clark, days after being sued for defamation for accusing Albert Pujols of using steroids, is offering to take a lie-detector test if Pujols does the same.

The offer was made in a letter sent today from Clark’s attorney to Pujols’ legal team.

So Clark is refusing to back down. Interesting. He’s now put the onus on Pujols – prove to me you didn’t use steroids, in an era when many of the best baseball players did. That takes some brass ones.

I’d imagine Pujols is on the line with George Constanza right now, getting tips. [Post Dispatch via Steve]

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