Red Sox Fan Who Stole Ball From Woman, Allegedly Made Racist Comments All Game, Too

Sox Fan rips ball out of woman's hand throws it back on field

Take a bow visor-wearing Red Sox fan, you’re in contention for worst human being of the day and certainly for the postseason. Not only did you steal Alex Avila’s home run ball by prying it out of the hands of a female fan seated next to you, but you also allegedly made all sorts of racially-charged comments toward Tigers fans in Fenway Park.

Yahoo’s Jeff Passan interviewed fans in Section 42 Sunday and judging by what he gathered, throwing the ball back onto the field was the fan’s least-vile moment of the night.

The man was not immediately identified, and stadium security declined to provide his name. But fans in Section 42 of the stadium confirmed that he directed multiple slurs at 25-year-old Angelo Sikoutris, a Detroit Tigers fan from Brooklyn, including a reference to Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager whose shooting death sparked a national firestorm and prompted fierce debate about modern-day racism.

Yes, this is one isolated idiot spouting off, but it doesn’t pain the nicest picture of Fenway Park, does it?:

Sikoutris, who attended the game with his father, wore a Prince Fielder jersey, which prompted the man to allegedly call him “Prince Fielder’s crackhead brother.” In addition, Sikoutris said, the man yelled at another African-American Tigers fan walking through the section, saying: “Go back to the ghetto.”

So to recap in the span of five days we’ve seen angry Texans fans show up at Matt Schaub’s house to voice their displeasure  — and later boo him after an injury — and now this.

The two incidents aren’t exactly related, but is civility from fans too much to ask for it? It’s just sports.

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