Drunk Fans Wearing Eli Manning, Andrew Luck Jerseys Are Understandably Sleepy / Distraught This Week

Here is a Giants fan who is either doing an impression of Eli Manning or who had a few too many drinks at the game. He is completely past the point of conversation. The familiar sounds of boos does nothing but help with his Bud-ically-induced coma. His decision to match Eli drink-for-pick was probably regretted in the morning.

This guy’s reaction is priceless. He’s drunk. His team has lost. He’s wearing an Andrew Luck jersey after Luck threw 0 touchdowns while Jon Gruden spent 3 straight hours praising him as “the comeback kid” who does nothing but lead game-winning drives. He’s singing… something. He turns to ask if they can go home and sees he’s being recorded. Just like Andrew Luck, he knows this has gone horribly wrong, but has no power to change anything.

Because you want to see it first!

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