Roundup: Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Vanity Fair, Oreos as Addictive as Cocaine & Cheerleaders Scared at Haunted House

amy adams great actressAmy Adams … Emily Ratajkowski is in GQ this month … lab rats find Oreos as addictive as cocaine … attractive, fit woman blasted for posting this photo on Facebook18-foot long creature found off California coast … Norm MacDonald vs. Bret Easton Ellis … study that hopefully is wrong: bacon lowers men’s sperm count … the gorgeous Daisy Lowe … Gay Talese annotates “Frank Sinatra has a cold” … dammit, this headline, and then the story, will make you depressed … cockroach farms multiplying in China … college kids find email boring and too slow compared to texting12-year old girl is an offensive lineman in Michigan … dog eats part of dead owner’s leg

The oral history of Kirk Gibson’s epic home run in the 1988 World Series. [ESPN LA]

“But here in college, black quarterbacks are flourishing at an unprecedented rate. They are making a huge impact on the Heisman Trophy race, the national title race and 2014 NFL draft speculation. Following on the heels of Heisman Trophy winners Cam Newton (2010) and Robert Griffin III (2011), here comes the next generation of college stars ticketed to become high NFL draft picks – and not because they can run really fast.” [Yahoo Sports]

The great Vanessa Grigoriadis is writing about why people love to hate Gwyneth Paltrow for Vanity Fair. Gwyneth Paltrow is not happy. [EOnline!]

Lawyer for Albert Pujols responds to Jack Clark’s polygraph offer: “absurd publicity ploy.” [Post Dispatch]

Yeah, nothing to see here when it comes to the Aaron Rodgers-Mike McCarthy relationship … [Journal Sentinel]

You’ll enjoy this story on how the Spurs think globally. The lengths Popovich has gone are probably further than you’d imagine. [NYT]

LeBron says he could go out and score 35 a night, maybe 40, but it’d be “hell” on his body. [ESPN the Magazine]

Greg Oden hasn’t played in an NBA game in nearly four years, but it sounds like we’ll see him soon in Miami. [Herald]

Why sports gambling should be legal. [Sports on Earth]

The Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleaders got scared at a haunted house.

This is being called the biggest mountain bike backflip in the history of mountain bike backflips.

I showed this to my son this morning and told him he’d be freaked out if this happened on the street.

This McDonald’s prank made me think of Bad Santa. [via Hot Clicks]

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