Miguel Cabrera Actually Stole a Base in ALCS Game 4

Miguel Cabrera stole second base against the Tigers ALCS Game 4

Here’s a sentence 0.0 percent of people following the ALCS thought they would read or write this week:

Miguel Cabrera stole a base.

Yes, really, it happened. With two outs in the fourth Cabrera stole second off Boston reliever Brandon Workman without a throw.

This wasn’t quite expected due to the simple fact Cabrera can’t run. He’s been dealing with a lower leg/groin injury for weeks and rarely runs out ground balls, so credit Cabrera for using his noodle to catch Workman — and everyone else in Comerica Park — napping. Never forget, baseball is a mental game and Cabrera remains one of its sharpest minds. Look at it this way, worst case scenario Cabrera is thrown out and Prince Field leads off the next inning. (Wait, strike that, Fielder hasn’t driven in a run since “Grown Ups 2” was still in theaters.)

The unexpected steal didn’t end up meaning anything. Fielder struck out on the next pitch to end the frame with the Tigers ahead 7-0. Cabrera stole three bases during the 2013 season and has 36 in his 11-year career.

You simply have to love the brazen fat-guy steal.

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