Ric Bucher is Writing About the NBA, But Also Consulting Teams on How to Deal with the Media

Ric BucherRic Bucher, the former ESPN columnist and TV analyst, announced on twitter this week that he’s headed to Bleacher Report. Bucher and ESPN parted ways last September, and he turned his focus to a radio gig and writing for CSN Bay Area. In addition, he joined a social media training firm.

The firm – Everything is on the Record – made Bucher a partner, and he occasionally works with teams, individual players, and coaches on how to handle the media. Bucher confirmed to me this week that he’s still going to work with the firm in addition to his Bleacher Report columnist gig.

After poking around a bit, it seems like this sort of thing – not necessarily being a partner in a firm, but doing consulting on the side with subjects who journalists report about – is becoming increasingly commonplace in 2013.

Which begs the question: Just because journalists are doing it, does that make it ethical?

Unbelievably, Bucher keeps saying he’d take Derrick Rose over LeBron. He said this in 2011 and got pummeled by Dan LeBatard. Two titles later for LeBron, and Bucher’s still peddling this lunacy.

Rose’s agent is BJ Armstrong, the former Bulls guard. Armstrong is employed by Wasserman Media. Wonder if Everything is on the Record and Wasserman Media have ever worked together before …

Because you want to see it first!

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