Roundup: Man Throws Parrot at Police; Summer Camp Faces $41 Million Lawsuit; White Sox Give Big Money to Cuban Jose Abreu

cata1Alejandra Cata … Nolan Ryan retiring/resigning as Rangers CEO. … White Sox are giving a lot of money to Cuban Jose Abreu. … Great job, Florida. … Alligator in a hot tub (in Florida). … Man throws parrot at police (in my homestate, Connecticut!) … Possible dead fetus in a Victoria’s Secret bag (in New York City). … Biggie Smalls won’t get a corner in NYC named after him. … Sex on plane turns into $250 fine. … This is a sharp idea for a Tumblr. … Texas gets commitment from eighth grader (pause) for it’s women’s hoops’ team.  … Connecticut summer camp sued by New York parents for $41 million after daughter contracts Lyme Disease. … Anthony Bennett has sleep apnea. … Enjoy this New York Post headline pun. … Mountain goats are amazing. …. ‘The Escape Plan’ gets a pretty good review! Yes! … Forever funny. … Drug cartels chime in on the Brazil World Cup next summer. Sounds fun. … Chase Keenum to start for the Texans. … Deep fried gold. … Looks like Rush Limbaugh read Phil Mushnick’s Adrian Peterson column. … Oh hai, Greg Sestero talks “The Room” in podcast form. … If you like baseball cards, this link shared by Deadspin on Wednesday is terrific. … Sup, Kim Kardashian. … Happy Birthday: Chuck Berry (87); Klaus Kinski (d. 1991), Mike Ditka (74), Kjell Samuelsson (54); Chris “Mad Dog” Russo (52);  Jean-Claude Van Damme (53); Rachel Nichols (40); Lindsay Vonn (29); Bristol Palin (23). … Enjoy your weekend.

A few more examples why Russia is awesome … or the exact opposite. [NYT]

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E-Cigarette “Vape” shops sound awful, particularly in NYC. [Motherboard]

There’s only one married player on the BYU hoops’ team this year. [Salt Lake City Trib]

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A relationship in five minutes = very accurate. [Hyper Vocal]

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Meet the ‘brains’ behind College Gameday. [Newsday]

MLB does a nice thing for LGBT youth via an anti-bullying message and some fans react like jerks. Isn’t the Internet grand? [Hardball Talk]

Ranking the potential World Series matchups. [Sports on Earth]

Really tough day for a college goalie. [Top Drawer Soccer]

Some ne’er-do-wells stole a poor guy’s beloved Gumby statue. That’s low.

Trailer for Wes Anderson’s new movie, “Grand Budapest Hotel.” (Insert comment how much you love/hate his films.)

Danny McBride and Steve Little recount an amazing Matthew McConaughey story, buddy.

The year’s best moments from the MLB Fan Cave.

Anthony Davis’ unibrow steals the NBA 2K14 Next-Gen trailer.

Dirty-sounding real products, via Hot Clicks. (Good luck, Jimmy.)

Cry Sweet Freedom.

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