The Kansas City Chiefs' Cartoonishly Large Defenders Will Engulf Case Keenum


The Kansas City Star has figured out how to solve the concussion issue when it comes to helmet hits. Give the players tiny heads and huge shoulders and hands. The odds of Chiefs defenders actually making helmet to helmet contact with Case Keenum today seems slim since they will just engulf him with their paws.

Chiefs mini heads

At first, I thought this was an error, since a similar image appears on the front page of the Kansas City Star in the upper corner (the above image is in the first page of the sports section in a story about sacks, the one to the right appears on the front page.)

However, this photoshop job appears to be intentional. That is supposed to be Tamba Hali, Dontari Poe, and Justin Houston with his rock’em sock’em hands looking down upon Keenum. You too could do graphics for a newspaper.

Because you want to see it first!

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