Roundup: Jets Fan Punches Woman During Fight, Topanga Got Married & Teacher Fired For Giving Minors Condoms

alexa vegaAlexa Vega … teacher fired for giving students alcohol and condoms … “kick a ginger day” actually happened at a school … good read: The Science of Storytelling … air marshall busted taking upskirts at Memphis airport … “Gunman in clown suit kills senior Mexican drug cartel member” … youths in Brooklyn beat husband/wife at 7 pm over car honk … Topanga from Boy Meets World got married over the weekend … a radical photo of Saturn … alligator in Orlando shops at Walmart … for a few reasons, this guy probably wishes this wasn’t videotaped … everybody’s coming out with new tablets this week … 

Sam Bradford has a torn ACL and is out for the year. St. Louis needs a new QB. [Post Dispatch]

RIP Don James, longtime Washington Huskies coach. [Seattle Times]

Yes, buying shares of NFL players is dumb. [Wash Post]

Oliver Luck, 53, is the youngest member of the college football selection committee. [West Virginia Metro News]

The Bears should announce today the severity of Jay Cutler’s groin injury. [Tribune]

John Walters is surely the only person who thinks a college football playoff is worse than the BCS. [CBS Sports]

Very cool statistical breakdown of West Coast teams in the NFL that travel East. [Sports Insights]

Newspapers, lost: Kobe Bryant changing his twitter avatar is a story? [LA Times]

Wait a minute … really? So now folks are going after the Lee Corso/Bill Murray moment at the end of Gameday? Really? [The Atlantic]

Inside the split between Roger Federer and his longtime coach. [Tennis.com]

NC State hoops coach Mark Gottfried jumped out of an airplane.

Check out this seagull that got sucked into a motorcycle.

Candice Swanepoel wearing something called a “fantasy bra.”

A fight broke out at the Jets game, and this guy hit a woman in the head.

Because you want to see it first!

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