Dan Synder Hired Lanny Davis, a Crisis Management Spin Doctor, to Help with the Redskins Situation

snyder_cruise_redskinsAfter President Obama chimed on the offensive nature of the name Washington Redskins, the team’s owner, Dan Snyder, made a decision: He needed a crisis management expert, so he called on Lanny Davis, the master spin doctor.

Davis has a rich history of trying to be a “snake charmer” for people or companies under fire: Bill Clinton in the White House, Martha Stewart’s ImClone stock trading case, and Penn State in the aftermath of Jerry Sandusky.

More recently: Alex Rodriguez.

[Sidenote: Lanny Davis has a son sports fans are probably familiar with: Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated/CBS Sports.]

I highly suggest the Paul Farhi piece on Lanny Davis, which concludes with this:

As for Snyder and the Redskins, Davis says he’s both a fan and a professional adviser. He’s been attending home games since 1970 and says that he “proudly” sings “Hail to the Redskins.”

“My advice to Dan Snyder [on the name issue] was simple: Speak,” he says. “Let people know what you think. His letter was the ultimate expression of that.”

My favorite phrase in the piece is when Farhi describes Snyder as a “billionaire Bonaparte.” That’s gold. [via Washington Post]

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