Houston Texans Fans Were Abused With Chants of "Houston Sucks" in Kansas City

That Houston sign is so mean

Going on the road in the NFL means you will get made fun of, regardless of your back story. KHOU in Houston has this on Jacki Dowling, the wife of an injured firefighter in Houston who had both legs amputated and is still hospitalized.

Dowling attended the game with her three children, and found Arrowhead to be less than hospitable.

“We were flicked off, more times than I can count, beer thrown on us from the section above, they chanted how much Houston sucked, and on and on,” Dowling posted on Facebook. “I think I will stay in Houston next time. If I’m gonna spend my money, it will be in a city that is a little more hospitable. I love a little friendly rivalry, but this wasn’t friendly. However, I still had a great time with my kids, and again, I am so proud of my Texans!”

So this “flicked off” is a thing? I have never seen anyone flick someone off at Arrowhead. I have, however, been covered in beer and been flipped off many times. I assume the chants of “Houston sucks” were based on those who have a negative view of the lack of zoning, as well as the July humidity.

Honestly, though, a NFL game is not a place I would take three kids. Partially for the raucous crowd, partially because the headache from trying to keep them in line would be splitting.

Because you want to see it first!

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