Kicker Misses Last Second Field Goal, Opposing Team Returns it 99-Yards For Game-Winning TD

As any football fan knows, kickers are the most reliable performers on any team and should always be entrusted with the game on the line. Especially high school kickers. From 50+ yards. I know what you’re thinking: No coach is that stupid. Actually, yeah. DeLaSalle Collegiate in Warren, Michigan actually trotted out their kicker,┬áJake Townsley, on the final play of regulation to attempt a 57-yard field goal attempt with the game tied.

Surprisingly, the kick was short and┬áZach Bock from Detroit Catholic Central was waiting patiently on the goal line to catch the ball … and return it 99-yards for the touchdown. Maybe the De La Salle coach tries anything else next time. [H/T Detroit News]

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