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Nick Saban's Wife Supposedly House Hunting in Austin, Also Bought Property in Baton Rouge Last Year

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Nick Saban-to-Texas rumors refuse to die. Mack Brown and the Longhorns have won three in a row, including a 36-20 dismantling of Oklahoma almost two weeks ago, and for the time being, scuttlebutt about who will be patrolling the sidelines for Texas next year hasn’t been a topic.

Brown came into the season coaching for his job, then back-to-back embarrassing losses at BYU and home to Ole Miss (the latter of which doesn’t look that bad in hindsight) shoved Brown to the brink. Brown’s boss, AD DeLoss Dodds, announced he was stepping down, and it was clear: Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, there’s no way Brown can return for another year. Not with Texas A&M and Baylor surging on the field and Texas slipping in recruiting (according to Rivals, anyway) in 2013.

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The Saban rumors have percolated for a couple years in Austin, and we wrote about them in July. People love to shoot down the mere idea of Saban leaving Alabama for Austin, but the truth of the matter is Texas should at least make a run at Saban. Texas is one of the top five premier programs in the country. It has its own network and the most revenue. What’s the harm in making a run at Saban? Let the jokes fly that Nick Saban got a new boat/beach house/Ferrari thanks to Texas. So what?

Anyway, the rumor-du-jour (assuming this isn’t satire), from Burnt Orange Nation, is that Nick Saban’s wife Terry has been house hunting in Austin. According to the site, an ESPN radio program picked up the rumor (I’ve been unable to find audio). I’m sure Paul Finebaum will be able to confirm or deny in the coming hours. I’ll be satisfied when Chip Brown of Orange Bloods weighs in. He is the oracle of Texas Longhorns football.

Among the reasons I’m dubious: I was unaware Austin was a spot for vacation homes. Cool weekend getaway? Sure. Perhaps one of his kids is moving there? Or perhaps, Mrs. Saban, a licensed real estate agent, is engaging in some land speculation? She bought property in Baton Rouge last year.

[via Burnt Orange Nation; image via Michael Shamburger]

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