Roundup: New Anchorman 2 Trailer, Fired for Tweeting Under Fake Name & $35 Million For Tim Lincecum

christie_brinkley_is 59Christie Brinkley … member of National Security Staff fired for tweeting under a fake name … “Man Drops 14 Pounds by Only Drinking Beer and Eating Sausages” … is divorce contagious? … Cee Lo Green: I didn’t give woman ecstasy at dinner … first jobs of media “stars” … who killed the Magazine app? … David Sedaris writes about his sister’s suicide … did a sheriff give Aldon Smith of the 49ers preferential treatment? … 17 reasons why this guy hates Buzzfeed … how do you pronounce GIF? … the ocean is brokensix degrees of Kevin Garnett …

Tim Lincecum’s new deal: 2 years, $35 million. [CBS Sports]

What’s with all the NFL injuries? [Desert News]

This will be Tim McCarver last season in the TV booth calling the World Series. [NYT]

Would you like to read a long story about Adam Silver, the NBA’s next commish? [Sports Business Journal]

Jeff Garcia has seen how bad Brandon Weeden is, so he asked the Browns for a tryout. [Cleveland.com]

Fourteen fantastic 1st lines in books. [Tumblr]

On Grambling: ” … a seemingly inept administration that was hell-bent on an ill-advised and counterproductive power struggle with one of the school’s most famous alumnus, former head coach Doug Williams, to a state governor locked into a political agenda that included refusing federal stimulus funds that could have put millions into Grambling’s meager coffers.” [Fox Sports]

Boston’s Koji Uehara curveball? Filthy. An exhaustive breakdown. [Fangraphs]

“A local man armed with a parrot was charged with assaulting a police officer and other offenses after allegedly hurling the white bird at a pursuing officer.” [Courant]

Mike Tyson writes about … himself. [NY Magazine]

Sean Taylor’s murder trial is underway, and some of his girlfriend’s testimony about the night the former Redskins’ safety was killed … man. [Herald]

Over 4,000 words on Peyton Manning’s long road to recovery from neck surgeries. [Washington Post]

“Research shows age does not affect symptom recovery after sports-related concussion.” [News Medical]

Jon Stewart goes in on Obama’s horrendous handling of Healthcare.Gov.

The new trailer for Anchorman 2, which doesn’t look nearly as funny as the first one.

This is the fastest goal in MLS history. [via Hot Clicks]

DeMar DeRozan, dunking hard in the preseason.

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