Umpires Reverse Out Call on Pete Kozma's Error at Second Base

Pete Kozma out overturned World Series Game 1-b

It barely took an inning for some super-fun World Series controversy.

In the bottom of the first with runners on first and second and one out, David Ortiz grounded to Matt Carpenter. It looked like a possible double-play ball to end the inning, except Pete Kozma butchered the catch at second.

Somehow, second base umpire Dana DeMuth called Dustin Pedroia — the runner from first — out.

Out came Sox manager John Farrell to argue. The umpires huddled and then then overturned DeMuth to make the right call that Pedroia was safe.

Umpires will sometimes reverse calls, but it’s a rarity. Joe Buck reported on FOX that all the umpires said it was a mistake in their conference. Next year Farrell could challenge the initial call via baseball’s new replay season.

Regardless, it wouldn’t have been an issue if DeMuth — standing five feet away — made the right call in the first place. Even though the umps made the correct call after the huddle, it’s still not a good look — or start — to the Series. From a karma standpoint, St. Louis can’t be too thrilled.

Mike Napoli promptly doubled to clear the bases and give Boston an early 3-0 lead.

The first inning took nearly 40 minutes to complete.

Mike Matheny was upset … about the reversal, not the interminable pace of the Game 1.

umpire repeating Mike Matheny during World Series Game 1

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