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High School Wrestler Sued School After Being Suspended For Twitter Comment


Tyson Leon, a 16-year-old high school wrestler in Minnesota, sued both the school and the State High School League after being suspended for an apparently benign tweet. Leon tweeted “Im boutta drill my ‘teammates’ on Monday” before a football scrimmage (he plays both sports). School officials believed he was “threatening harm” to fellow students and suspended him.

Leon contended the suspension could cost him a Division I scholarship offer for wrestling (he hasn’t received one yet). The school pointed out that this was his fourth behavioral incident. He was reprimanded for a “verbal altercation” with a teacher. He was also suspended for a fight with another student and “chemical” usage on a football retreat.

A federal judge ruled that Leon could return to the team immediately, following a settlement agreement.

Perhaps earnest Minnesotans are a bit more naive. But there’s only one reasonable interpretation of “drill my teammates” that would not relate to hard tackling in football. That can’t be construed as “harm,” provided it is consensual.

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