St. Louis Rams Called Brett Favre About a Comeback, Brett Favre Said No

Brett Favre is 44 years old, but the St. Louis Rams are desperate for a QB to replace Sam Bradford. So the Rams called Favre, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Guess that means the Rams aren’t high on Kellen Clemens, someone named Austin Davis, or Brady Quinn, the latter whom they signed this week.

Favre, fortunately, said no to the 3-4 Rams.

Owners of the Rams must be pissed – St. Louis is second-to-last in home attendance and there is absolutely no chance this team makes the playoffs. If you’re a Rams fan, you probably don’t even know who they play this week because the Cardinals are in the World Series. [Answer: Seattle on Monday Night Football.]

[UPDATE: ESPN’s story now claims St. Louis called Brett Favre Sunday night. Why’d it take several days for the story to leak out?]

Why would you attend a St. Louis home game in November or December? No reason. If Favre had said yes? There’s your reason.

[Sidenote: For the conspiracy theorists out there, this is a hell of a bomb to drop the night after Game 1 of the World Series. Favre will be all anyone talks about today, even though he said no. Let me guess, someone is going to call Tim Tebow the night of Game 2?]

Because you want to see it first!

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