David Eckstein Makes 'Parks and Rec' Law Firm Joke a Reality

Is “Parks and Recreation” still on the air? Or is it on hiatus?

Last week, when it definitely was on the air, the NBC comedy made a nice inside baseball joke with the law firm of Babip, Pecota, Vorp, and Eckstein located in Pawnee.

Baseball made this law firm a reality with David Eckstein hamming it up in this fake commercial, which makes the most of the theme to the ‘People’s Court.’ Credit Eckstein, too, for having a sense of humor to laugh at his “gritty” persona, which was bestowed on him by the media. The woman giving the testimonial in the clip is Eckstein’s wife, Ashley.

Personally, I have all my legal work done by Frank RBI. He knows how to get the job done in a clutch situation, especially if you’ve been in an accident.

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Because you want to see it first.

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