Vikings Fan Who Vowed Never to Shave Beard Until Minnesota Won Super Bowl Has Passed Away

Vikings fan dies, never shaving

Emmett Pearson, an 83-year old Minnesota Vikings fan, passed away at his home on Monday. He was featured in the Hot Clicks almost four years ago, after Minnesota lost the heartbreaking championship game to the New Orleans Saints. From his obituary:

A longtime member of Vasa Lutheran Church, not only did he sing in the church choir since he was 18, he also helped dig the church basement. Many will remember Emmett for his unforgettable beard, something that he’s had since 1975 when the Vikings lost the Super Bowl to the Steelers. A staunch Vikings fan, the beard was not coming off until the Vikings won a Super Bowl. Needless to say, Emmett died having never shaved his beard. More than the Vikings, farming and education, his family was most important to Emmett and he loved them dearly.

Needless to say, indeed. It didn’t look like the beard was coming off any time soon. Keep this in mind the next time you make a proclamation about your hard luck team, because he said that when he was 45 years old. It looked like it would be so close a few years ago! His wife even talked about booking a room at the local church to shave it off.

Rest in peace, Mr. Pearson, who moved on to a better place before having to watch the debacle on Monday Night Football. [via Post Bulletin]

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