Victor Vito Hit Someone So Hard in a Rugby Match Someone Wrote a Song About it 15 Years Ago

vito-hitVictor Vito is a bad, bad man. In this clip and gif (A gif! Woo-hoo! A gif!) from the Hawkes Bay – Wellington game during the ITM Cup, Vito lowers his shoulder and just drops Andrew Horrell. That’s how you debate.

Now, when I went to research this hit, I Googled “Victor Vito” and the top result is the video below. It is the titular track off a children’s album by Laurie Berkner. Since the song is nearly 15 and the rugby player is only 26, I’m going to guess this is just a coincidence, but I don’t care. I wish when you Googled my name an awesome children’s song about two guys eating spaghetti and Tabasco sauce came up instead of some loser who couldn’t even beat Lincoln in a Presidential race.

[Gif via Reddit]

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Because you want to see it first.

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