Chris Long Celebrates Sack With Focused Version of the Ric Flair Strut [UPDATE: Walter Thurmond Counter-Struts]


Perhaps Chris Long is a fan of both Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett and just couldn’t decide which way to go for his sack celebration? Or maybe what we’re seeing here is simply a subdued version of the Flair strut — less vibrant, kept clothes on — so as not to draw a flag for excessive celebration.

I’m leaning Flair. Jarrett’s signature strut was always much slower and methodical, whereas Flair, like Long, clearly just wants to party.


UPDATE:  Walter Thurmond brilliantly offers a strut of his own.

Walter Thurmond does Ric Flair strut

Excellent retort by Thurmond. While brief, he added a healthy dose of showmanship the robotic Long was lacking. And yes, noted real man Ric Flair is currently strutting and wooooooo’ing at his television.

[h/t @RofFloESPN]

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