Roundup: Jon Barry's Thoughts on NBA Countdown, Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus & the Day Brad Stevens Left Butler

Celebrities arriving at their hotel, appearing rather worse for wearGemma Merna, a soap star in London … great story about Robin Quivers beating Cancer … so Shake Weights: Just as effective as dumbbells … DC is now hip, thanks to millennials … Florida: someone tied a 12-foot alligator to a treeChristina Ricci got married over the weekend … RIP Lou ReedChris Brown was arrested for assault over the weekend in DC … why people tweet anonymously … man runs into burning home to save beerParis Hilton was twerking Miley Cyrus for Halloween … four crafty inmates escaped from jail in Oklahoma …

Very cool look inside the day Brad Stevens left Butler for the Boston Celtics. [Indy Star]

NCAA plans on cracking down on physical defense to improve basketball scoring this season. [Times Union]

Reggie Rogers, former 1st round pick of the Detroit Lions, died at the age of 49. [Sac Bee]

Jon Barry of ESPN radio, talking about NBA Countdown: “I don’t know what they are striving for. I think it should be four guys hanging out talking hoops, but now it’s none of my business.” [NYDN]

When was the last time a Top 10 team was a 21-point underdog? Florida State is favored by 3 TDs over the Hurricanes. [Herald]

Hey, you, over there – respect Tim McCarver. [The Guardian]

It seems like this is a significant hockey trade between the Islanders and Sabres. I’m not certain, though. [Buffalo News]

“A man who swindled about $3 million from San Diego Chargers linebacker Dwight Freeney was sentenced Thursday to five years in federal prison.” [LA Times]

Sounds like the University of Texas really, really wants Oliver Luck to be its new AD. [Dallas Morning News]

“Even though professional baseball has been eclipsed in popularity by football and ceded its cultural capital to basketball, the sport has managed to retain its longstanding position as the thinking person’s game—a deliberate, unflashy pastime beloved by stat-heads and amateur historians.” [The New Yorker]

Tremendous piece on Bison Dele, the former Arizona Wildcat/Denver Nugget. [Sports Illustrated]

John Thompson III is fed up with everyone calling every offense the “Princeton offense.” [CSN Washington]

Duke freshman throws down sweet alley-oop dunk, one-handed. [via College Basketball Talk]

Anyone watch American Blackout last night? I DVR’d it. I already started a blackout shopping list, just from this trailer.

The Ohio State Marching Band’s halftime show against Penn State was a tribute to movies.

Because you want to see it first!

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