Thomas Robinson Had the Best Apology After Getting Caught Driving 107mph

Thomas Robinson of the Portland Trailblazers was pulled over on Friday night on Interstate 5 in Oregon. Robinson was clocked going 107 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone in his Porsche Panamera. Police noted that Robinson was polite and cooperative. Robinson later tweeted an apology for the ticket. Good for him, taking actions for his responsibilities.

He’ll watch the speed limit more closely next time. He probably didn’t see the sign for 55MPH because he was going 107. He probably thought he was still in the 110MPH zone. They really need to mark those changes better. Talk about a speed trap! You would think they would drop it to 80MPH instead of just going straight from 110 to 55. Still, Robinson will take the blame for this one. It happens. Got to watch those signs more closely. Yep. Don’t worry. He’s made a mental note that Interstate 5 is only 55MPH. Or was there construction that he missed while doing 107? Is that why it was only 55? That must be it. Still, they need to make those signs clearer. They’re tough to see at 107.

[Oregon Live]

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