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High School Football Coach Fights Cops, Result is Epic Mugshot with Eye Swollen Shut


Is it too late to go as Christian Garnett for Halloween? The Darien (Conn.) High School assistant football coach produced a memorable mugshot after being pulled over by police and failing a field sobriety test early Thursday morning.

Here’s some of the amazing details of the arrest via the (Norwalk) Hour:

  • Garnett was observed speeding after midnight with his Grand Cherokee missing a tire. When asked about the tire by police he said it needed air.
  • He failed two sobriety tests and then said there was “no way” he could do the third, which involved standing on one leg.
  • Garnett allegedly kicked the female officer who pulled him over.
  • During the arrest he was punched twice in the face by police trying to subdue him and then tasered twice before being taken to the hospital, where he was handcuffed to the bed.
  • At the hospital tried to kick a camera out of the hands of an officer trying to document his injuries and then harassed some male nurses saying, “You must be a real Tommy tough nuts.”

It’s easy to laugh at all the details here, but it’s pretty disturbing somebody this intoxicated would get behind the wheel of a car.  [via The Hour]

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