Roundup: Axe Body Spray Sends Middle Schoolers to Hospital; Sriracha Forever; Abe Vigoda Dances with Phish

laisriberio2Lais Ribeiro … World Series ratings up 17 percent from last year. … The Sriracha plant isn’t going to be shut down, after all. (Why did I buy 10 bottles yesterday?) … Cocaine stuffed pumpkins found at the Montreal airport. No big deal…. Axe Body spray release sends eight New York students to the hospital. … Avalanche star Semyon Varlamov was laughing when he kidnapped a woman. Huh? … Geno Atkins might have torn his ACL in the Bengals loss to the Dolphins Thursday night.  … Tumblr of the week: Selfies at Funerals. … Place your bets, Mets are a 115-to-1 longshot to win the World Series in 2014. … Remember ‘Monsters of the Gridiron’ cards? … Man finds his own tooth in a candy bar he bought. … This is a sweet chart in the evolution of home audio devices. … Famous paintings with Sesame Street characters. … Moonshiner in Alabama arrested, bummer. … Laugh at this Guy Fieri courtoom sketch. … British granny plays GTA. … Reminder: Russia is hosting the 2018 World Cup where this still happens. … Patrick Stewart on Halloween: priceless. … Happy Birthday Bobby Heenan (69); Charlie Kaufman (55); Anthony Kiedis (51); Tie Domi (44); Jenny McCarthy (41); Coco Crisp (34). … Try not to be this guy and enjoy your weekend!

Rugby might have become more popular than football in America, if not for New Zealand. [ESPN UK]

Abe Vigoda danced on stage with Phish during their Halloween show. [Hyper Vocal]

Details about the gruesome death of a Brazilian referee earlier this year. [NYT]

A-Rod calls out MLB, Bud Selig. [USA Today]

You can toke on the slopes in Colorado … depending where you are. [Denver Post]

Why I quit Major League Baseball (written by an ex-player). [New Yorker]

Here’s a GREAT idea: stop showing NFL owners during broadcasts. [Slate]

The Simpsons will air a classic episode (Bart the Lover) to honor the late Marcia Wallace on Sunday. [Uproxx]

Statistically-based NFL Power Rankings. [WSJ]

Who knew that in some corners Instagram is an open-air drug market. Fascinating. [Noisey]

Cool: Make-A-Wish will transform San Francisco into Gotham to help a five-year-old. [SFist]

Time Warner lost a lot of subscribers last month. [NYT]

Snickers remains America’s favorite candy. Go figure. [Atlantic Wire]

Josh Beckett is the odd-man out in the ‘Chicken and Beer’ saga. [Red Ticket Blues]

Base-jumping accident nearly cost man his leg. WARNING it’s gruesome.

The man behind the infamous exploding-whale video — an early web favorite — has died.

Action Bronson remains a one of a kind.

Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain.

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