Roundup: Lovie Smith USC Rumors, Usain Bolt's Chicken Nuggets Olympic Obsession, & Why Didn't Kids Watch the World Series?

melanie_iglesias_halloweenMelanie Iglesias was a Mermaid … Nicki Minaj dressed up this way for Halloween … so every media outlet has chimed in on ‘Redskins‘ … are you saying, ‘Gastropub?’ … great story about Red Storm’s trip to Europe  … there were a few Halloween night shootings in Chicago … because you’ve been wondering what Jessica Simpson is up to these days … “German police recover 1,500 modernist masterpieces ‘looted by Nazis‘” … some guy argues that MLB is still America’s pasttime … women in Brooklyn are the pickiest in the nation … two planes full of skydivers collide, everyone survives … Courtney Stodden is supposedly getting a divorce after two years of marriage …

Why weren’t kids watching the World Series? [Wall Street Journal]

Bummer for the Hurricanes: Duke Johnson’s out for the year with a broken ankle. [Herald]

I’m shocked that Mitch ‘Wild Thing’ Williams nearly got into a fight with Lenny Dykstra at an autograph signing. [Crossing Broad]

Rats. Sounds like college basketball referees are going to call more fouls this season. [Journal Star]

Yikes: “Airplane mishap puts scare into ASU football coaches.” [Arizona Republic]

Washington fans will appreciate this piece on former player and current analyst Phil Chenier. [Washington Post]

Brad Ausmus, longtime MLB catcher, will reportedly be the next Detroit Tigers manager. [Detroit News]

Not a huge surprise, but former Laker Antwan Jamison says Kobe and Dwight Howard didn’t get along. [NBA.com]

Oliver Luck watch: He has started the interview process at the University of Texas. [Dallas Morning News]

Bob Ryan lists David Ortiz as the 4th greatest Red Sox player of all-time. [Boston Globe]

There are rumors Lovie Smith is in the mix for the USC football job. [CSN Chicago]

Verne Lundquist, 73, is aware there’s a college football drinking game based on his telecasts. [AL.com]

Usain Bolt claims he had 1,000 Chicken Nuggets from McDonald’s during his 10 days in Beijing during the Olympics. [NY Post]

This is a prank? The guy hanging from the rope isn’t really dead!

Sports anchor attempts to do an entire newscast as “Paul Burgundy.” I didn’t think it was that funny.

Police attacks TV news crew in Washington DC. Lots of obscenities. [via Adam]

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