Bears Fan Husband Arrested for Tasering Packers Fan Wife After Monday's Game

Bears and Packers fans

The Bears and Packers rivalry can divide families. In a shocking story, John Grant, a Bears fan, was arrested for tasering his wife, a Packers fan. The two were out drinking while watching the Monday Night game, and apparently made a wager on the game that involved the use of a taser.

His wife told police that she did not think he would follow through with it. Grant is guilty of not realizing that when it comes to wagers between partners, it doesn’t go both ways.

The two went out into the alley, where his wife videotaped getting tasered and was laughing on the video. However, upon realizing that Aaron Rodgers might be out longer than expected, her attitude changed and she phoned police. Because it appeared the question of consent was at issue, he was not arrested for battery. He was arrested, though, for possessing an electronic weapon.

[photo of inter-divisional relationship photo via Zimbio]

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