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Keith Olbermann Ripped Boomer and Carton and Took a Shot at Mike Francesa

Keith Olbermann defended himself during his opening segment on Tuesday night after being labeled as a bully by WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton. According to Olbermann, WFAN wouldn’t hand over the audio because they know that WEPN (ESPN Radio New York) has a better product – it doesn’t – and “doesn’t carry programs that people listen to so they can laugh at the host as they (Mike Francesa) fall asleep,” so he had to read what the two said about he and Chris Berman.

Craig Carton: You take Keith Olbermann, you take Chris Berman, take other guys who, in their words are extraordinar- extraordin- ex what’s the word I’m looking for?

Boomer Esiason: Extraordinarily.

Carton: Extraordinarily known for being bullies. They bully their co-workers, they bully the people around them. Their on air and off air schtick is being bullies.

Esiason: Olbermann was famous for that. It’s one of the reasons nobody hired him.

Olbermann’s response?

Hey Norman, I’m not doing this for free here.


A media war between Olbermann and Francesa, given the egos involved, would be unlike one we’ve ever seen before.

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