A-Rod's Lawyers Tell Federal Judge That Bud Selig, "Went Way Over the Line"

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Alex Rodriguez and his crack legal team filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball in early October. One of Rodriguez’s lawyers presented the case to a federal judge in Manhattan on Thursday. The A-Rod team continues to outline their idea that Bud Selig and baseball have gone out their way to target him due to his alleged PED use and connection to the Biogenesis clinic.

From ESPN New York:

In addition to restating many of the arguments in the tortious interference suit filed Oct. 3 in New York State Supreme Court — that MLB investigators paid, harassed and threatened witnesses in “trying to take down the biggest name in the game” — attorney Jordan Siev said baseball and commissioner Bud Selig “went way over the line” in attempting to “destroy Rodriguez’s career and reputation at all costs.”

Friday a judge will rule on how the case will proceed.

Independent of all the legal wrangling on each side, Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi chimed in Thursday, saying the unresolved situation “complicates” the team’s off season plans. The grievance hearing for A-Rod’s 211-game suspension doesn’t resume until later this month.

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