South Korea's Top Women's Soccer Player is So Dominant, Opponents Want Her to Take a Gender Test


Park Eun-Seon led the South Korean women’s soccer league last year with 19 goals. The 5-foot-9, 160 pound 27-year-old is apparently so good that six opposing teams are threatening to boycott the league unless Park takes a gender test, according to the BBC. One of the coaches who filed the complaint has resigned saying it was a joke.

Park and her team, Seoul City, aren’t laughing and have refused any tests which have followed the player throughout her career.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

“I have gone through the gender examination thing several times. I did it in a World Cup, in an Olympics and in several others and there were no problems. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and I will not give up easily. I know what these people are trying to do, and I won’t fall down.”

There are a lot of excuses people use when they lose in sports. Calling in the gender card is pretty low.

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