The Monday Night Football Result Ultimately Proved How the Dolphins Handled The Bullying Distraction


NFL games don’t create character. They reveal it.

Tonight in Tampa Bay, the Dolphins showed just how much the bullying distraction impacted them, by coming out and looking like a bunch of losers, as the Buccaneers rolled after jumping to an early 15-0 lead over the lifeless marine mammals.

The Dolphins showed just how much the bullying distraction pulled them together as a team in a shared bond against their common enemies, the bullying media and Jonathan Martin. They rallied from a 15 point deficit, in the face of what appeared to be insurmountable odds against a juggernaut 0-8 Tampa team. Making play after play, the Dolphins scored the final 19 points of the game and

The Buccaneers may have blown plenty of leads this year, but Greg Schiano knows what to do with a bully. Punch back. That’s what Tampa Bay did after Miami scored 19 unanswered points. They answered them with 7 straight unanswered points to take that lead right back. No way Miami was going to be able to mount another comeback after all the distractions they have faced for the last two weeks.

It’s too bad that the offensive linemen replacing Incognito and Martin were so bad that Ryan Tannehill faced a 4th and 26 on the final drive after sacks. I would have preferred it to come down to a field goal attempt. Nothing defines your character, desire to win, and mental fortitude like a scrawny kicker making or missing a kick.

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