Matt Barnes Drops N-Bomb on Twitter After Defending Blake Griffin

Matt Barnes, angry after getting ejected for the video that’s below, stormed off to the locker room and fired off the above tweet, which has since been deleted. (He’ll be fined, anyway.)

Love the passion. The intensity. The budding rivalry. The N-word? That’ll fire up another discussion about the excessive use of the word, especially on the heels of the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito saga in Miami.

I’ll take it in a different direction: Does Blake Griffin need standing up for? He’s a large gentleman, and his upper body looks chiseled from granite. Griffin vs. Serge Ibaka (gratuitous link to his perfect Halloween costume) would have further devolved into shouting and pushing, but these guys are top shelf pros, neither is throwing a punch on the court. They do have a history, though. An interesting one.

You always step in to help out a teammate, but Barnes came in with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to pay peacemaker, which escalated matters, obviously.

My first reaction upon seeing the Barnes tweet this morning: Does he think Blake Griffin is soft, and he needs to stand up for him?

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