Mike Woodson Demonstrates the Thought Process Behind the New York Knicks Offense

Mike Woodson staring at a blank board during Knicks timeout

The New York Knicks beat the Hawks 95-91 last night in Atlanta. Following a Knicks timeout in the 4th quarter, J.R. Smith shot a 29-foot 3-pointer that missed badly and resulted in a shot clock violation. During the ensuing timeout, Mike Woodson showed the world what the Knicks’ crunch time plays look like on a whiteboard. Just kidding. He stared at the whiteboard for 5-seconds without writing anything on it, looked deep into Melo and J.R.’s eyes and – without speaking – said, “YOLO.” Then J.R. and Andrea Bargnani made a few free throws and the game was over! Knicks win! Plans are for suckers!

Because you want to see it first!

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